As a female-led global leader in employee transition and relocation support, MOVE Guides recognizes that working with a diverse supplier base is an important part of its global business, and a true competitive advantage. While supporting relocations across 6 continents, MOVE Guides works every day with suppliers and employee customers with diverse nationalities, ethnicities, income levels and backgrounds. With diverse international operations, our suppliers include both expatriate-run and locally run businesses. Certain of these may form a minority in a particular country of operation, but not in others. MOVE Guides' supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify and partner with suppliers owned by women, minorities, LBGT, veterans, disabled persons, expatriates and locals. Our sourcing and vetting processes carry this commitment, and it is through this commitment that we can confidently offer our employee customers the very best experience possible.

The composition of our team reflects our commitment to diversity, with representation from eight nationalities, 10+ languages and experience living in 20+ countries on 6 continents. All team members complete diversity training when they begin working at MOVE Guides. MOVE Guides continually seeks to expand the diversity of both its team and suppliers – and is committed to continually communicating this message internally and externally.

  1. Supplier Diversity Policy:
    1. It is a policy of MOVE Guides that diverse suppliers will have an equal opportunity to be included in our sourcing, vetting and selection process. Suppliers that want to become Verified MOVE Guides Suppliers must demonstrate that they provide high-quality services that are reliable, competitively priced and aligned with our mission to provide the best possible vendors and vendor network to our clients and employee customers. We communicate the importance of supplier diversity internally and externally.
  2. Diversity Commitment:
    1. MOVE Guides is committed to building a strong Supplier Diversity Program. Our program tracks internal and external metrics to ensure we are realizing our commitment. We continually monitor and track our supplier diversity, and seek to continually improve our commitment to working with a diverse vendor network. Our program also includes employee training (see Diversity Training), employee education, internal and external communications about our commitment to supplier diversity, and awards to employees who play a significant and proactive part in expanding our supplier diversity.
  3. Diversity Training:
    1. All MOVE Guides employees undergo mandatory supplier diversity training when they begin work at MOVE Guides. Diversity training supports our commitment to partnering with suppliers and customers owned by women, minorities, LBGT, veterans, disabled persons, expatriates and locals. The training also covers working with employee customers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The MOVE Guides team certifies their commitment to diversity at the completion of training.